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Adobe Flash Player DeclareFunction2 Invalid Object Use Vulnerability

ZDI-08-021: April 8th, 2008


Affected Vendors

Affected Products

Vulnerability Details

This vulnerability allows remote attackers to execute code on vulnerable installations of Adobe's Flash Player. User interaction is required in that a user must visit a malicious web site.

The specific flaw exists when the Flash player attempts to access embedded Actionscript objects that have not been properly instantiated. In order for exploitation to occur, an attacker would have to modify a DeclareFunction2 Actionscript tag within an SWF file. Exploitation of this vulnerability can result in arbitrary code execution under the context of the currently logged in user.

Vendor Response

Adobe has issued an update to correct this vulnerability. More details can be found at:

Disclosure Timeline

    2008-02-07 - Vulnerability reported to vendor
    2008-04-08 - Coordinated public release of advisory


This vulnerability was discovered by:
    Javier Vicente Vallejo
    Shane Macaulay CanSecWest 2008 PWN2OWN Winner